A & M Siedlaczek - Modern Physiotherapy Centre

Aleksandra and Marcin Siedlaczek are both physiotherapists specializing in the treatment of back pain, peripheral arthritis, post-surgical rehabilitation and neurological rehabilitation. Together they lead rehabilitation centre based in Żnin and help patients achieve peak performance.

To emphasize the professionalism of the service and a friendly atmosphere that prevails in the study, we have developed a very classical branding concept - which according to the maxim: less is more - perfectly suited the nature of their business.

Scope of work:
branding, webdesign, advertising

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Logo project - A & M Siedlaczek Colour scheme - A & M Siedlaczek Website project - A & M Siedlaczek In an early design stage - A & M Siedlaczek Details - A & M Siedlaczek Prints - A & M Siedlaczek
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